Meet Tina: How My World Change[d]

Tina Ersig

Hi and thanks so much for stopping by!  I’m Tina and I created Change, and I also make all of the products by hand in my adorable hometown of Oxford, Michigan.  My journey to where I am today has been a crazy one!

My husband Mike and I met when I was in the police academy.  Yep, you read that right!  I had to do ride-alongs for my degree and he was the officer (aka: low man on the shift that night) that got stuck with me!  We ended up getting married and I became a police officer working midnight shifts, and eating fast food at least once a day because it was the only option when I was working.  I was not very healthy to say the least!

Then I found out I was pregnant!  I was so excited!  Long story short, my department fired me when I was pregnant, and the foreclosure notices weren’t far behind.  As a last ditch effort to make ends meet, we started a carpet cleaning company which we called The Greener Cleaner (he ironically had all of the equipment he needed from a previous business venture years earlier).  As a mom to be, I suddenly began to care about my own wellbeing and especially making sure my family was healthy, so we used cleaning solutions that were nontoxic and even edible!  The Greener Cleaner carpet cleaning grew into a successful business, and Mike was able to leave his full time police job to work on the business full time!

Fast forward and we have these amazing little kids to take care of!  For me, once I was responsible for a tiny human being, everything changed.  Everything.  We turned the way we were eating completely upside down and focused on eating more veggies and fruits.  Then I became curious about what we were putting on our bodies every day with the products we were using.  I decided to learn to make soap when I found out that most soap is made with tallow (beef fat) and full of chemicals.  Soap turned into lip balms, moisturizers and even hair mists.  I’d give extras to family and friends and soon had unexpected orders coming in.  That’s how Change started!  Oh, and I named the company after the way my kids have changed my life for the better. 

If you would have told rookie police officer Tina ten years ago that I’d be making soap and skincare, I would have thought you were nuts.  But I’m so happy with the plans God had in store for me and wouldn’t change a thing!

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