5 Must Haves for Natural Winter Beauty

Tina Ersig

Depending where you live, it's either here or it's coming - I'm talking about winter!  You probably feel one of two ways about winter - you love it or you hate it.  While I've attempted to like winter through outdoor activities like skiing with my family (incredibly uncoordinated blonde trying to ski down a mountain = lots of pointing and laughing from chair lift passengers), I've always been a summer girl.  Glowing skin, perfectly messy beachy hair, the five minute "I woke up like this" look, it's kinda my thing!
But winter doesn't have to be a drag!  I've put together a list of five must have's for easy, natural winter beauty.  And guess what?  At less than $25 each, you're getting major bang for your buck!
This is a must have year round, but especially in the winter.  The cold, dry winter air is on a mission to suck the moisture right out of your skin, especially your always exposed face!  Restore serum is made of organic ingredients that soak deep into your skin, fast!  We're taking instant relief from tight, dry skin.  And the scent blue Moroccan chamomile is so relaxing and calming.  This one is good for all skin types so whether your skin is dry or oily, you will feel (and see) the benefits. 
You know the prefect beachy hair we were talking about?  You can have it in the winter, too!  Ebb and Flow by Ty has an amazing organic dry shampoo that will absorb oil and keep your hair looking amazing on days that you don't have time to wash it.  With a natural cocoa, ginger, lavender, & patchouli scent, you might skip washing your hair more often!
I'm guilty of drinking way too much coffee (ok, and maybe wine) especially in the winter, how about you?  As much as I love my beverages of choice, I can see when they take their toll on my teeth, and it happens quickly!  Activated charcoal + Bentonite clay are amazing ingredients to whiten teeth, naturally and without irritation.  Just brush with the powder for five minutes, rinse, and use your regular toothpaste.  Easy peasy! (Photo courtesy of Hour Detroit Magazine)
Do you look forward to putting your deodorant on?  Yeah, I didn't either - until I discovered Calming Fields.  It literally takes your mind to a beautiful summer field blossoming with lavender and spearmint (does spearmint blossom?  All I know is it smells amazing!)  Plus, Rustic Maka's deodorants are made of naturally hydrating ingredients, because even your underarms should look good in a holiday dress or workout clothes, right?
In the winter, I don't bounce out of bed quite like I do in the summer, do you?  This soap is infused with grapefruit + peppermint essential oils that will wake you right up and have you ready to tackle the day ahead!  The pink clay can help reduce dryness and the activated charcoal pulls out impurities (like excess oil and sweat on the first week of your new year's resolution).  This soap is great for all skin types, face and body, so lather up!

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