The Best Products for Summer Survival

Tina Ersig

Summer is here!  We've waited all year for fun in the sun, bonfires, and swimming, but these things can wreak havoc on skin and hair.  Don't worry, we've got you covered with a few                      summer must have's!


Stay Cool

Sol After Sun Mist cools sun drenched skin with peppermint oil and aloe and lavender work double duty to soothe and hydrate skin.  Tip: keep the bottle in the fridge, it feels even more amazing after a day in the sun.

Beachy Hair

Beachy waves are popular year round, but they are a must have in the summer.  Pink Sea hair mist nourishes hair with minerals and adds volume and texture while enhancing natural waves.  The lavender essential oil mixed with Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts smells so amazing that you’ll use it year round.

Play in the Mud

You’re probably showing some skin with the summer heat, so make sure it’s looking its best!  Mud Scrub hydrates skin with coconut oil and exfoliates rough skin away with coconut and cane sugars.  Dead Sea Mud is packed with minerals for glowing skin.  Make sure to pay extra attention to your knees, elbows and ankles, which are normally the roughest areas.  Tip: leave Mud Scrub on for a minute before washing off to let your skin soak in extra moisture.


Smooth it Out

Pure Argan Oil is amazing for smoothing frizzy summer hair.  Massage a drop or two into damp hair for extra shine and to combat frizz.  Tip: Argan oil can also be used on dry cuticles and dabbed onto cheekbones for a little extra glow!

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