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Relief Soap / Sensitive Skin - Our Most Gentle Soap

$ 8.00

Washing your hands more than usual and feeling the effects?  If you have sensitive skin or love lavender, this is your new favorite soap!  Relief soap was created with the most gentle ingredients for those with dry, troubled skin. Infused with calendula petals and lavender essential oil to soothe skin and even help with skin issues.

Fun Fact:  Relief is our most gentle soap, and the nearest to my heart because it was the first soap I ever made!  I initially created this soap for my little guy who has very sensitive skin.  While this soap was created for dry, sensitive skin, it is beneficial to all skin types.  XO, Tina

- 100 % Natural and Vegan
- For face, body and hands
- Cruelty free
- Made by hand in small batches in Oxford, Michigan

Ingredients: Coconut oil, olive oil, sustainable palm oil, castor oil, lye, calendula petals, lavender essential oil.

4 ounces. Keep dry in between uses.

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