Activated Charcoal Soap / Oily Skin

$ 8.00


Friends with oily skin and breakouts, rejoice! Activated charcoal acts as a magnet to pull impurities from skin, and we’ve added a generous portion to make this soap black as night.  Perfect for adults and teens prone to excess oil and breakouts to reveal your most beautiful skin!

- Ideal for oily / breakout prone skin, though beneficial to all skin types
- Detoxifying
- For face, body and hands 
- 100% natural / vegan
- With tea tree essential oil, which has amazing cleansing properties
- Lavender essential oil soothes skin and helps reduce redness
- Made by hand in small batches in Oxford, Michigan

- Vegan and cruelty free

Photo credit: Apt. 528 in Chicago.  It's a beautiful, fun store full of unique home decor and accessories!

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