Stain Remover for Carpet + Upholstery

$ 8.00

Change Stain Remover for Carpet & Upholstery is the best way to remove stains without any toxic chemicals.

Typical store bought stain removers are filled with dangerous synthetic chemicals that are harmful to people and pets. Made of 100% natural, food grade ingredients, our cleaner is safe to use even with children and pets around.

To Use: Blot up any excess moisture. Apply to stain as soon as possible and allow to sit for five minutes. Blot with a clean cloth. Repeat if necessary.

For use on carpets and upholstery that are not dry clean only and that can be cleaned with moisture. Always test an inconspicuous area first.

Comes with an easy to use cap for precision application. Arrives to you with concentrated powder and bottle, just add warm water. This saves on shipping and gas emissions!

Please recycle, or (even better) reuse this bottle.
Arrives in concentrated powder form, just add water! Less shipping weight = less emissions!

16 oz bottle.

100% Natural, Vegan Ingredients: Salt, Sodium Citrate, Baking Soda. 

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