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Jade Roller + Restore Face Serum Set

$ 40.00

This dynamic duo will take your facial care routine to a whole new level!

Includes:  Restore Facial Serum, Full Size

We created Restore facial serum to be beneficial to all skin types and ages. Concentrated with high – antioxidant, organic ingredients that hydrate skin and soften expression lines and wrinkles. 

- Organic Formula
- High concentration of organic Rosehip oil, high in fatty acids and antioxidants to regenerate skin.
- Naturally blue from organic blue tansy essential oil containing Azulene, which calms skin and can reduce redness and puffiness.
- Helps reduce redness and fade scars over time
- Vegan
- Made by hand in small batches in Oxford, Michigan

Apply morning and night in circular motions to increase circulation. Start with a dime size amount, and add more as desired. To be used in place of your moisturizer.

100% Natural, Vegan Ingredients: Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Camellia Oil, Organic Marula Oil, Organic Chamomile Moroccan Blue essential oil.

1 oz glass bottle.


Jade Face Roller

Natural Jade rollers have been used for centuries to massage delicate facial skin, and it feels amazing!

-  Natural Jade stone

-  Increases circulation

-  Reduces appearance of fine lines and puffiness

-  Helps skin absorb moisturizer more efficiently 

-  Calming and cooling

To use: Gently roll on face to massage and freshen skin tone.  For best results, apply Restore Moisturizing Serum to your face, then use Jade roller to massage into skin.

Your roller may vary from product photos because of natural variations in Jade stone.

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